I Decided Acne Was Out

Zakasha Washington

Posted on April 18 2017

We all go through skin issues and i'm sharing some of mine today in hopes to help someone or to let anyone going through a similar situation know, YOU ARE NOT ALONE. I look at my skin type as very complicated. From combination, sensitive, dry in the winter oily in the summer. I have a little of it all; but something strange started to happen to me in the past couple of years. I started to break out A LOT. I have always had the occasional break out but nothing like what's been happening over the past 2 years. Today i am sharing some of the products that has helped ease my new acne battle!



  1. Dry Skin Facial Cream by Pond's
  2. Clear Improvement Mask by Origins
  3. Clear Complexion Moisturizer by Aveeno
  4. Pink Grapefruit Foaming Scrub by Neutrogena
  5. Clarant B3 Dark Spot Correcting Cream by Pond's
  6. Positively Radiant Brightening Cleanser by Aveeno
  7. Rare Earth Deep Pore Cleansing Masque by Kiehl's 

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